Praying the Prayer Vigil

Begin by asking God to clear your mind of all outside distractions.  Place all your thoughts and your spirit with the people and the events that you have come to Him to bless.  Be silent a few seconds and begin to feel His presence with you. 

Pray as if you are talking to your best friend.  You are!  

Ask Him to bless with His Spirit, the building, the grounds, and all things used to bring those present to an awareness of Him. 

Pray for Lay Director and Assistant Lay Directors by name and duty.  They must walk in His spirit for anything they may be called upon to solve.

Pray for Spiritual Director and Assistant Spiritual Directors by name; that they may be truly instruments of His Spirit.

Pray for Board Representative by name; that she may have courage to keep the purity of the event and not let personalities keep them from doing what they have promised God they will do.

Pray for the talks: for the message each is to give.  Pray for the speakers to remember who they represent, to down self and glorify God.  Pray for each person who hears that they may hear according to their need.



Prevenient Grace
Priesthood of All Believers
Justifying Grace
Life in Piety


Grow Through Study
Means of Grace
Christian Action
Obstacles to Grace


Changing our World
Sanctifying Grace
Body of Christ    
Fourth Day 

Time Are Approximate


9:15 AM
11:05 AM
1:35 PM
3:00 PM
6:25 PM


8:35 AM
10:00 AM
3:00 PM
4:30 PM
6:50 PM


8:50 AM
9:50 AM
11:00 AM    
1:00 PM
2:00 PM

Pray for musicians:  that their music may bring God’s message and soothe the troubled souls.

Pray for Table Leaders and Assistant Table Leaders:  that they may encourage, but not interfere with the Holy Spirit’s leading of the pilgrims thoughts and actions.

Pray for the pilgrims:  by name; the ones that can’t leave thoughts behind, the ones uneasy in Emmaus setting, the ones who can’t sleep, the ones forced to come, the ones looking for magic not miracles, the ones open and receiving, for all conditions known only to God.

Pray for fun and fellowship:  that it may warm hearts and keep focused on God.

Pray for cooks:  and all who minister in unrecognized ways.

Pray for entire team:  that they have renewed strength and do not tire.

Pray for support team:  the behind the scenes workers that make the whole walk run smoothly.

Pray for all agape gifts: for the hands that made them and the blessing they bring.

Pray for Special times:  Sponsors Hour, Dying Moments, Agape Feast, Candlelight, Las Mananitas, Letter time and Closing.

Lastly, give it all to our Lord and Friend, who sees and knows all, asking for His Blessing and Presence with everyone connected; not only those mentioned, but families and change for church and community.  Remember those traveling; those responsible for sponsoring; and those praying.  End by praising and thanking God for this opportunity to talk to Him on behalf of His children. AMEN